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Let there be LIGHT!

Are you noticing all the lights and decorations in people’s yards and gardens? I’m sure I’m not the only one decorating outside for the first time. People turn naturally to light, like a flower to the sun, and the unprecedented sales in décor testify to this yearning to uplift spirits and celebrate a joy that cannot be eclipsed by a mere pandemic. Let’s stay focused on this joy, and the beauty it brings. – Kristin

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Mask Against Fear

During intensified covid restrictions, we are being called upon to pay close attention to the mental atmosphere surrounding our children.   If we make a steady diet of local news, it’s easy for us to be whipped into a frenzy of fear and lose some perspective. While we continue overwhelmingly grateful to our front line workers, and obey all mandates regarding distancing and masks, it’s also important to keep a balanced perspective.   Focusing on our children, my heart bleeds

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On the Topic of True Authority

I expect you are among the many around the world questioning just what is our true authority. This is a valid query, and the response has large consequences in our lives.   At an education level, for decades, even centuries, the authority lay with the teacher at the front of the classroom, and was reinforced with a big stick, which eventually evolved to a less physical but equally threatening control. Montessori caused a paradigm shift when she recognized true authority

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The Power of Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude  Our gratitude is riches, Complaint is poverty, Our trials bloom in blessings, They test our constancy. O, life from joy is minted, An everlasting gold, True gladness is the treasure That grateful hearts will hold. -Vivian Burnett   Gratitude is a powerful force for good in our lives!  The answer to depression is not drugs or psychiatrists, but gratitude!  I know of a woman who had been ill for some time and was lying in bed,

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