The Power of Gratitude


The Power of Gratitude

 Our gratitude is riches,

Complaint is poverty,

Our trials bloom in blessings,

They test our constancy.

O, life from joy is minted,

An everlasting gold,

True gladness is the treasure

That grateful hearts will hold.

-Vivian Burnett


Gratitude is a powerful force for good in our lives!  The answer to depression is not drugs or psychiatrists, but gratitude!  I know of a woman who had been ill for some time and was lying in bed, miserable.  Someone advised her to be grateful.  She thought that was ridiculous she had nothing to be grateful for; but she listened – then looked at the light bulb hanging over her bed and was grateful for that.  Immediately her whole outlook changed, she found more and more to be grateful for, and she was very quickly well and active again.  


We could come up with long lists of reasons to be appreciative.  Here’s my shortlist:

  • your delightful children
  • our amazing, caring, dedicated staff members
  • our wonderful environment, inside and out
  • our freedom… ok, you can take it from here. 😊