What Skill Could You Teach Your Child?

teach your child
“We don’t stop to think that the child who does not do, doesn’t know how to do.” – Maria Montessori


We sometimes marvel at the ability of a particular child to do something considered “advanced for his/her age”. However any adult who has quietly observed in a Montessori classroom has witnessed many capabilities considered advance by those not familiar with Montessori education. Why is this? Very simply, because our children are shown how! However there are many very specific characteristics of a lesson given by a trained Montessori instructor. You can see some of them on this Youtube video, or on many others you can see if you google “Montessori lessons”.



Key components are:

-Isolation of a single skill

-Clear sequencing

-Little of no verbal instruction

-Materials tailored to the child’s abilities

-The opportunity for the child to choose the materials and practice when and if (s)he wishes


What skill could you teach your child? Try this at home!


Roots & Wings Team