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Unlocking Real Life Success: How Montessori Education Prepares Children for the Real World

Unlocking Real Life Success: How would you describe Montessori? Is it a set of conceptual set of philosophies that describe the steps to learning? Is it a collection of habits which create the way we approach the world around us? Is it possible both descriptions are true? The Montessori method of education is a comprehensive approach that starts from the belief that children have innate abilities to learn and grow. Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 20th century,

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Personalized Learning

How Your Child Benefits from Personalized Learning in Montessori

How Your Child Benefits from Personalized Learning in Montessori:   Montessori education has long been recognized for its unique approach to learning, emphasizing personalized instruction and individualized development. In this blog post, we will explore the numerous benefits of personalized learning in Montessori education and how it fosters a holistic and effective learning environment for children.   1. Learn at Your Own Pace: One of the key advantages of personalized learning in Montessori education is the ability to tailor the

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Preschool or Daycare

Preschool or Daycare – What’s the Right Fit for My Child?

Will your child thrive better in preschool or daycare? We at Roots & Wings understand the importance of this foundational choice. With our knowledge and guidance, choosing a path forwards is easier than you think. Read on for a general program comparison followed by an explanation of how we approach preschool and daycare at Roots & Wings. Preschool or Daycare While daycare and preschool share some general similarities, they have distinct differences in terms of their purpose, focus, curriculum, and

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5 Useful Tools to Navigate Separation Anxiety

5 Useful Tools for Navigating Separation Anxiety Welcome to a new school year woohoo! It’s time for you and your little one to be ready to separate at preschool (or daycare). Keep in mind that you are not separating, so much as gaining new experiences which will eventually give you more to share as you grow together.   If this is a new experience for you, don’t stress! We are the support that can allow you to feel confident in

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Grand Opening

Roots & Wings Archives: Heritage House Grand Opening Address – May 24, 2003

  Heritage House Location Grand Opening Address – May 24, 2003   Well, look what we did together! We are so excited to finally open the Heritage House doors to our Roots community, to begin the next phase our journey.   It’s no secret the world is in a challenging place.  The media appeal to our emotions, creating fear and confusion, and many are overwhelmed at the current state of our planet.   But there’s a quiet revolution going on;

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Montessori Graduates

Montessori Graduates: Eliminating Age Labels and Comparisons

We’re here to celebrate the progress and accomplishments of a special group of children, our Montessori graduates – in fact, we’re celebrating their shift, from one level of development to the next.   Congratulations graduates, you are the future!   A parent asked yesterday why we choose these particular levels for graduation. Montessori was brilliant in realizing the needs of the different levels of development, in understanding when the changes occurred. Some are shifting from the stage in which they

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The Importance of Social and Emotional Intelligence

In his 1995 book Emotional Intelligence, well-known psychologist and author Daniel Goleman first brought to light the concept of social and emotional intelligence. He argues that human competencies such as self-awareness, self-discipline, persistence and empathy are of much greater consequence than IQ in life. Goleman consistently found that IQ (tested intelligence) contributes only about 20% to financial and personal success, and the other 80% is highly correlated with social-emotional abilities.   What is emotional intelligence?   Self-awareness – Observing yourself

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On Knives, Needles and Glasses

“Remove anything that could hurt a child – dangerous sewing needles, sharp knives, breakable glasses.”  This is the instinct of many caregivers, in order to keep our children safe.  But is this really the best way to protect our children?  Obviously none of us wants to see our children hurt.  But Montessori believed true safety comes from educating and empowering our youngsters, so that they are in control and can use dangerous tools confidently, without fear.   Reports prove that

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Brain Development

Essential Planes of Your Child’s Development

Maria Montessori spent many years studying and observing children and the development of their brains. Her understanding of this process improved drastically over her years as an educator, and we now know that there are essential planes of brain development that every child goes through. These planes are critical to understanding how to support a child’s growth and development, and they provide a framework for parents and educators to make informed decisions about the care and education of their children.

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Alphabet for Humanity

A New Alphabet for Humanity

Children’s Book A New Alphabet for Humanity Offers a Joyful Upgrade to Our ABC’s.   Families love this Vibrant and Mindful book that children are asking to read again and again. Have you read it yet? We have been following along in our classrooms each month, focussing on each word and the lessons they offer. Starting in the new year, our words of focus were Forgiveness and Gratitude.   We have expressed Forgiveness as a way for each person to feel

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