Mask Against Fear

During intensified covid restrictions, we are being called upon to pay close attention to the mental atmosphere surrounding our children.


If we make a steady diet of local news, it’s easy for us to be whipped into a frenzy of fear and lose some perspective. While we continue overwhelmingly grateful to our front line workers, and obey all mandates regarding distancing and masks, it’s also important to keep a balanced perspective.


Focusing on our children, my heart bleeds when I see a child crying because he doesn’t want to wear a mask, sharing his discomfort. While we do what we have to do, let’s minimize the demands and harms for our children, and focus more on our mental filters. Let’s filter out fear, mask out judgment of those neighbours with different views, protect our consciousness from whatever would claim to destroy our joy and gratitude for all the good in our lives. Please take quiet time for yourself, time to meditate or pray or do whatever quiets the contagion of fear and enables you to maintain your peace. Let’s maintain a collective consciousness of peace, hope and joy – as taught by so many of our revered leaders – and a good preparation for the upcoming Christmas season.


Stay healthy, mentally and physically, get outside, read stories, have some fun with your children this weekend!