Roots & Wings


Preschool and Daycare

Inspiring your children to become earth stewards and visionaries

for over 35 years

Our vision is of a world that can finally live in peace, a global community based on interdependence, respect for all life and all people, reached through the only path that can truly lead there; our children.

Founder and Principal Emeritus:

Kristin Marples Cassie

An educator and visionary now for forty-five years, Kristin’s real joy in teaching began when she founded Roots & Wings Montessori in 1985.  She has delighted in guiding children from 2.5 to 17 in both public and independent schools.


Kristin uses Roots & Wings as a vehicle for providing excellence in education, breaking free of traditional structures and helping children thrive. She approaches her work from a spiritual perspective, confident in children’s innate goodness and individual gifts. Her success has been recognized by being awarded a Governor-General’s award in 1998, and more importantly by thousands of happy children, some of whom now bring their children to Roots & Wings!


Kristin currently works as a mentor to staff and acts at our “school Grandma”, celebrating children’s triumphs as they learn to read, cook in our customized child-size kitchen and garden in their adventure playground.

Operations Manager:

Aysha Ghani

With a master’s degree in Strategic HR Management and Business Administration, and over 15 years of corporate management experience, Aysha continues to contribute to the growth and achievements of Roots and Wings. She directs business operations, develops training programs, strives to continue improving communication channels, and assists with marketing and social media strategies. Dedicated to excellence in early childhood education, Aysha is passionate about helping Roots and Wings continue to thrive.


Daryn Cassie

Daryn was our very first student, in 1985, benefiting from this excellent Montessori education until secondary school.  He has worked with the family business for many years helping with school productions, teaching piano and even acting as chaperone to the MMUN in New York City.  He is now focused on our legacy!  A talented pianist, tech enthusiast and researcher, and our marketer, Daryn has warm social skills that endear him to staff, parents and children.

Primary Director:

Mark Costigan

Born and raised in Canada, Mark spreads his stated goals: Love  Joy  Peace  through connecting with people from 3 – 30, teaching, tutoring and mentoring, his spirit infectious with plenty of laughter!


Mark’s qualifications include Montessori Certification for ages 3-5 and 6-9, Bachelor of Commerce Honors in Business Administration, and ministerial studies.  He has over 20 years experience teaching and training.


After his position as Director at Richmond Montessori for 3 years, Mark moved to Korea, where he taught for 12 years, recruited and trained new teachers, ran parenting workshops – and started his family.  His passion for Montessori then led him and his wife to found their own school in Korea for children up to age 11, where he continued to train staff, students and parents.  His reputation led to high demand for his classes!


He has now returned to Canada – and we couldn’t be more delighted that he has chosen to join Roots & Wings!  Some of you may meet him as he directs our school age summer program this year.

What makes us


promise to families:

“We recognize who children are and what they can be – and how far our current education system is from enabling them. We empower children to be independent, self-propelled life-long learners, supporting them in discovering their strengths, their gifts and passions, and using them in service to others; we enable them to discover wonder in nature, a connection which motivates them to steward their earth.”

– Kristin Marples Cassie, Roots & Wings Founder and Principal


William and Sobhana Daniel
“After a great deal of research into preschools and early education opportunities for young children in Surrey, we reached Roots and Wings and were surprised and impressed to find a school that did not just teach children but put a great deal of effort into teaching children as young as our three year old to understand the value of sustainability, stewardship, community service, etc. This is not just another school but a model school.”
Namaste, Tamara Veitch
“Roots and Wings has been a wonderful haven for learning and personal development for our son for four years now. There is so much to be said for honoring the individual learning needs of our youth! Bravo Roots and Wings Montessori School!”
Sande and Simon Marples
“This school will be the first of many to pop up across our nation because it meets the real needs of the children. It provides for a world-class learning environment in a caring atmosphere of good stewardship, community relations, and advanced academic skills.”

Those who know us, know us well…