How We Influence our Children Through Covid

influence our children
The reason children are little affected by Covid is that they are free from fear.  As Aline Wolf stated in her book Nurturing the Spirit in the Non-sectarian Classroom, what you tell a child, what you teach him, makes much less of an impression than your goodness, your kindness, your attitudes and temperament; anger and fear have a physiological effect, and our greatest concern in the current climate is that children will absorb fear and anxiety, which are far more harmful than a virus!  Montessori is well–known for describing the child’s Absorbent Mind, which absorbs everything in its environment, including attitudes and behavior of caretakers.


So our mission at Roots & Wings is to ensure an atmosphere that enables us all to breathe in joy, gratitude, caring for one another; we are relaxed, open to the wonder that attracts children to the smallest insect or the wonder of a spider web or their passion for dinosaurs or planets, the delights of communication through writing or art or music, or – well we have a year to fill in the rest!  This is an atmosphere that empowers for independence, helps them discover the rewards of giving and caring for one another, that encourages them to be leaders; an atmosphere in which there is freedom to make mistakes and learn from them, never worrying about judgment.  This also includes our parents, who are also part of a village of support, for each other, for each other’s children and for staff.  Healthy criticism is always welcome and please know that your feedback and responses are really valuable and important.