On the Topic of True Authority

I expect you are among the many around the world questioning just what is our true authority. This is a valid query, and the response has large consequences in our lives.


At an education level, for decades, even centuries, the authority lay with the teacher at the front of the classroom, and was reinforced with a big stick, which eventually evolved to a less physical but equally threatening control. Montessori caused a paradigm shift when she recognized true authority came from within each child! Empowering children to realize their natural inclination for learning and work, for kindness and generosity, for creativity and joy, obviated the need for outside motivations (like competition, stickers, prizes). The resulting self-satisfaction leads to peaceful citizens.


Rather than control by any one leader (Prime Minister, Premier, President…) our society is the collective result of the contribution of each of its people. Kinda makes our work with our children important, don’t you think?