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Our Mission:

To create a community to enable children to honour and respect their innate goodness, their joy in learning and their responsibility as caring global citizens and stewards of the earth.

I am an Inspired Montessori Pro

Our classrooms are prepared with warmth and authenticity, the way Montessori showed us.
Designed for you to inspire!

I am a Child Care Extraordinaire

Our daycare centers thrive with passionate, dedicated staff, like you?

I am a Budding Talent!

Wherever you are on your career path, we have resources and expertise to share.
We can help you get where you are going!

Inspire the Great Minds of Tomorrow

We offer: 

-Infant/toddler, daycare, as well as Montessori preschool settings

-Autonomous classroom settings

-Supportive team environments

-On-job training

-Health/dental benefits

-Vacation time

-Reliable scheduling

-Satisfaction knowing you are sharing your gifts with our future leaders!


What are your strengths? We are always looking for inspired, confident educators to help us redefine excellence in childcare and Montessori education. Our supportive Roots’ team nurtures creativity and encourages growth in both our students as well as our teachers, wherever you are on your career path.

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