Perception of Personal Capability

Having a belief in one’s own personal capability (self-efficacy) is essential for success in life.   Feeling capable is more than just having confidence in

We Forget, You Know

We forget, you know. Forget to appreciate. We get complacent, move through our days as if everyone lived and learned as we do, in such

On Ninjas, Nintendo & St. Nick

It is important to the well-being of our children for us to understand the difference between fantasy, imagination and creativity. Our confusion of these abilities

What Makes a Hero?

This month, most of us have had an opportunity to talk about war heroes, and honor them for the sacrifices they made, so that we

Empowering Our Children as Creators

When children, however young, are included in the family decision making process, they begin to see themselves as active rather than passive members of the

Feeling Safe

As the new school year begins, it warms our hearts to observe our new little ones gradually relaxing in their new environment, as they feel

Graduation June 2022

What a busy and interesting year! We as a faculty team have been saying that we cannot believe we are at end of the school year

Dayguards’ “Forest Floor”

Dayguards (childcare workers) in Finland built a “forest floor” and changed children’s immune systems.   Within 30 days of playing in forest soil and leaf

Peace Day 2021

Montessori schools have a strong Peace Curriculum and all around the world embrace the UNITED NATION’S INTERNATIONAL PEACE DAY on September 21st.  This year, our

Our First Nations Friends

Dear Parents,   This week’s news weighs heavy on our heart, as information unfolds about the sad and tragic discovery at the former residential school