Guiding Lights: Unveiling the Core Tenets of Roots & Wings

core tenets

Core Tenets of Roots & Wings

Our Roots & Wings tenets are an important tool to help guide our teachers and caregivers, as they provide a framework for professional conduct, teaching practices, and interactions with students. By following these principles, we create alignment with our teachers and caregivers in their guidance for decision making, assessment of student engagement and success, and use of ethical conduct. These core tenets form the foundation of Roots & Wings Montessori School. So without further ado…


The staff at Roots and Wings Montessori believe and impart to the students that:


  1. Every student is innately good, loving, motivated, intelligent, honest, happy, energetic and satisfied. Negative labeling is destructive of our goals; negative personality traits drop off in the right atmosphere of thought.
  2. Every individual deserves respect. Pursuit of one’s own happiness must not violate respect for others’ happiness.
  3. There is greater satisfaction in serving others than in pursuing selfish goals.
  4. Reverence for life is a key to being at peace. Intelligent, active, self-disciplined earth stewardship is vitally necessary to the progress and survival of our society, from our immediate environment to the whole earth.
  5. Each student has a gift to contribute to humanity. Potential, whether intellectual, creative, spiritual, physical, social or ethical, is developed as one is empowered to be an independent thinker and doer.
  6. Everyone learns at an individual rate and in his or her own unique style. Learning is cooperative, not competitive, and no one is superior or inferior to another.
  7. One must develop the self-discipline to work diligently, to step outside one’s comfort zone and to make challenging goals, working systematically towards their achievement.
  8. Thought determines experience, and it must be nourished positively and protected from whatever would hinder progress or health.
  9. Mistakes are welcome in that their lessons are vital to our progress. Therefore challenges in whatever form are regarded as stepping-stones not stumbling blocks, projects not problems.
  10. Obedience to a leader is vital, but one always has the freedom to question the leader’s actions at an appropriate time.


Revisiting these tenets regularly helps to keep us aligned in our mission to deliver the best educational experience for our students and children in our care. By following them, we witness the growth of our students and staff and we are grateful to be able to provide such a wonderful tool that is our Roots & Wings Montessori School. 


How about you, do you resonate with these core tenets that guide Roots & Wings?

  • The Roots & Wings Team

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