What Every Parent Should Know About the Transformational Three-Year Cycle in Montessori

three-year cycle

In Montessori preschool, the three-year cycle from ages three to six is considered to be the most crucial to a child’s development, designed to provide children with a comprehensive and enriching learning experience during these formative years. While some parents may be tempted to enroll their child in Montessori for only a year or two, completing the full three-year preschool cycle offers several important benefits that can significantly impact a child’s future academic and personal success.

1. Roots Before Wings:

As a seed is required to grow its roots before its shoots, a child needs to build a foundation before spreading their wings to fly. The first year of Montessori preschool is focused on developing basic skills such as concentration, coordination, and independence. These skills form the root-like foundation which allows for more advanced learning experiences to take flight in the second and third years. Each year in Montessori preschool builds upon the previous one, allowing children to leap into their elementary years.

2. Continuity in Education:

One of the key benefits of the three-year cycle in Montessori preschool is the continuity it provides for children, using developmentally appropriate materials. Rather than switching into a new system of mostly unrelated learning after each year, children are able to build upon the skills and knowledge they have already acquired. This allows for a smooth and seamless transition from one year to the next, ensuring that children are constantly challenged and engaged in their learning.

By completing this three-year cycle, you can help realize the potential of your child, creating a lifetime of learning and personal growth.

3. Discovering Self-Esteem:

Emotionally, the second and third year of the three-year cycle is a time for children to develop a strong sense of self-esteem. As they become more independent learners and take on leadership roles in the classroom, they firm up their enthusiasm for learning and become more self-assured. This boost in confidence is crucial for their future academic success, as children who believe in themselves are more likely to take risks and challenge themselves in their learning.

4. Learning to Lead:

In the crucial third year (age five) as the oldest in the classroom, children are offered the opportunity to heighten their leadership skills. By working with the younger children they grow confidence that contributes to lifelong leadership skills. Some noteworthy leaders who went to Montessori include: the founders of Amazon and Google, authors Anne Frank and Julia Child, and even Taylor Swift!

three-year cycle

5.  Embracing Academics:

Research has shown that children who attend Montessori preschool are more likely to excel academically and develop a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. By completing the full three-year cycle, children are able to fully benefit from the individualized and hands-on learning experiences that are a key component of Montessori education. They are also more likely to develop important skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and self-motivation that are essential for success in school and beyond.

6.  Embodying Montessori Values:

The three-year cycle allows children to fully internalize the values and principles of a Montessori education. Values including respect for oneself, others, and the environment, as well as a love of learning and a sense of personal responsibility, are reinforced throughout the three-year cycle through the daily routines, lessons, and activities that are a part of the Montessori experience. By completing the full three-year cycle, children are more likely to embody these values and principles in their everyday lives, both in and out of school.

At Roots & Wings

we continue to witness our students thrive in Montessori’s three-year cycle, which offers children a unique and enriching educational experience that can shape their academic, social, and emotional development in profound ways. From building a solid academic foundation to fostering important social, emotional, and leadership skills, the benefits of completing the full three-year cycle are numerous and far-reaching. By completing this three-year cycle, you can help realize the potential of your child, creating a lifetime of learning and personal growth.

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  • The Roots & Wings Team