Empowering Our Children as Creators

When children, however young, are included in the family decision making process, they begin to see themselves as active rather than passive members of the family. They begin to problem-solve and think beyond just their own immediate needs. As this process continues, they begin to see themselves as creators of change rather than victims of society. This leads to giving them a better sense of their purpose in the family, in the community and in the Universe.


In the coming months of festivities and material indulgence, it may be helpful to hold regular family discussions that focus on the values of your family, and on the difference between a “need” and a “want”. It is important for children to come to the realization that the joy in giving to a worthy cause, and in sharing their blessings, is far more fulfilling than the joy in receiving candy or other material gifts. You may even come to a collective decision that making costumes at home or at school is a much more fun and creative way of expressing one’s individuality. In the weeks to follow Halloween, this could then open the doorway to a discussion on how handmade gifts for friends and family hold far more value in the eyes of the receiver as compared to store-bought gifts.


Happy crafting!


– Roots & Wings Team