What Makes a Hero?

This month, most of us have had an opportunity to talk about war heroes, and honor them for the sacrifices they made, so that we could have a free and peaceful country to live in. Along the same line of thought, consider talking to your children about collecting their own heroes.


An aspect to focus on for this month could be the courage it takes to live life fully, no matter how difficult the circumstances. Talk about the courage it takes to shift one’s thinking from “victim” mode to “winner” mode. Share with your children stories from books, from newspaper articles, and from your own life experiences of people who have made something wonderful out of the worst life can offer. People who have embraced the learning, instead of drowning in the negativity of any given situation. People who have looked beyond their own needs, and in their suffering, have found a way to serve others. It may be helpful for children to create a journal of their heroes, listing what they have learned from the experiences of these heroes. Then, whenever things are not going too well, these recordings could serve as an empowering reminder for the children that…..


If those people could learn and grow from their negative experiences, I can certainly learn and grow from mine!


A later discussion could focus on listing the qualities of a “hero”, and on how it is up to each one of us to choose to live a “herofull” life.


– Roots & Wings Team