Feeling Safe

feeling safe
As the new school year begins, it warms our hearts to observe our new little ones gradually relaxing in their new environment, as they feel safe and loved.


Actually I observe a tangible difference in comfort levels between many of today’s children and those who first entered our school in 1985.  There seems to be a general increase in anxiety and a wariness of what could cause them harm.  It is vitally important to their well-being that we do everything we can to counter this disturbing inhibition to their growth.  How?  Let’s watch our own thought, understanding that FEAR is false evidence appearing real.  Studies have revealed political and corporate gains from consumer fears, and we don’t need to accept everything we hear.  Our little ones can be taught to wash their hands without worrying about every germ that might attack them!  Confidently teaching a child how to climb safely is preferable to telling them “Be careful you don’t fall!”  Teaching how to use a knife to cut fruit is preferable to “You’re too young to use a knife”.  Providing child size containers and allowing them to pour their own beverages is preferable to “I’ll pour it so you don’t spill it.”


Empowered with messages of trust and confidence from their Roots & Wings caregivers, children can relax into their natural well-being and confidently open to new experiences.