We Forget, You Know

we forget

We forget, you know. Forget to appreciate. We get complacent, move through our days as if everyone lived and learned as we do, in such surroundings as ours. We get mired in occasional challenges and lose sight of the big picture.


We forget that our children are independent learners, free to explore their own interests, develop their own individual skills at their own rate, using materials designed by an educational genius (Maria Montessori), who discovered the right tools for each developmental level. We forget that their innate drive to learn is nurtured in such a special way by amazing teachers who have sacrificed much to follow a path less traveled, to become themselves skilled in educational genius, confident that they are nurturing future citizens who can make the essential differences our world needs.


We forget what great sacrifices parents make to volunteer time and energy for our children. We forget how special it is for such a large family of students, teachers and parents to be working together in unity for our children.


We forget how privileged our children are to be able to run through fields, build forts under trees, develop one-on-one relationships with frogs and eagles, expand their souls.


But then a new family enquires about Roots & Wings, and we tell them and watch their excitement. Or we go to a conference where another expert speaks passionately about what education should be, and we smile because we’re already doing it. Or we’re on a field trip and the guides remark on how truly alive and interested our students are, what great questions they ask, how well-behaved they are. Or we take time to observe – to sit quietly and just watch your amazing children as they explore and interact and exult in their triumphs, share our observations passionately in the staff room, sigh with satisfaction as we drive home.


Then we remember, remember what an amazing place this is, remember that there’s nowhere else like it, that parents make the sacrifices they do for their children to come here for a reason, that our children are confident and happy and growing and learning and becoming the citizens and leaders we want to run our world. And we’re grateful. We know we’re not perfect, and we never stop assessing and improving; but we know we’re an amazing team of conscientious parents and teachers, working with outstanding dedication to do the very best we can.


But that’s just what we think. How about you? Find us on Facebook or Instagram to join our conversation with our Roots’ community.


Roots & Wings Team