Perception of Personal Capability

Having a belief in one’s own personal capability (self-efficacy) is essential for success in life.


Feeling capable is more than just having confidence in our acquired academic knowledge and skills; it is the deeper confidence in our own minds that makes it possible to acquire knowledge and skills and achieve success. Our perception of personal capability influences our ability to identify options, apply problem solving skills, and make wise decisions based upon values and principles. This sense of personal competency begins at the moment of birth, and it must be carefully nurtured by parents, teachers and other adults in the child’s environment, because…


“Children will find in the eyes of the parents and teachers who raise them, mirrors, in which they discover themselves.” – Dr. William Glasser.


Many children’s perceptions of personal capability are based on what they believe adults think of them.


Children will see themselves as capable when reared and educated by people who see them as capable, and treat them that way.


Do we trust our children to be personally capable? How about ourselves??


  • Roots & Wings Team