Graduation June 2022

Graduation 2022


What a busy and interesting year! We as a faculty team have been saying that we cannot believe we are at end of the school year already. And what a year it has been, full of many great moments as we evolved out of the pandemic, needing to be cautious along the way. Throughout, we have held to our Montessori vision of providing the very best for all the children, following each individual child, encouraging and holding up a standard for them to be the very best they can be on their continuum of development, inclusive of all the ages and stages in our school community.

Our Graduates:

Each of our Kindergarten children has a unique learning style. I watched them absorb the year’s curriculum as we worked together guiding them along the way.

How much they’ve grown! Learning to read, write, compose stories, do mathematical operations using a huge variety of materials. They have all grasped the introduction to the great big world with learning about the solar system, constellations, and Planet Earth, of course no Kindergarten program is complete without the study of Volcanoes and Dinosaurs. To complete the program, physical geography as well as learning about plants and animals and finally the social aspect of the peoples on the Earth through our study of continents and multiculturalism.

We have indeed “sown many seeds” as Montessori said – their minds being absorbent as sponges while their brains are flexible, acquiring information with ease. Their excitement about learning is infectious, believe me! So, let’s keep the ball rolling, they are truly ready for their elementary years.

Have a fantastic summer, we will see you in September!

A huge thank you to all from all the teachers for the lovely cards and gifts!

~Roots & Wings Team